Myths, mis-information, old wives tales, and urban legends are plaguing most communities today -- so people don't know what to believe.   

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Cathy Harris is known as an Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, Advice Columnist at, Non-GMO Health and Wellness Expert, Self-Publishing and Business Coach and is the author of 23 non-fiction books including 2 business books and 4 health books.

With the release of the below book "Love After 50: Love Questions from After Hours," Cathy is now a "LOVE COACH." She will answer questions on family and community empowerment, health, youth and adult entrepreneurship, writing/publishing, workplace discrimination (sexism, sexual harassment, sex and race discrimination), whistleblowing, law enforcement, government, domestic and international traveling, politics, media, beauty/self-esteem, car buying and selling for women, aging/retirement - just to name a few. 

Her books and articles, are full of 'content-rich' material to help anyone get back into the driver's seat and are available at  You can send questions and responses to your family and friends and make a comment on the blog posts here.  We appreciate you!
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Love After 50: Love Questions from After Hours
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Cathy Harris is here to set the record straight. is written by Contact at or P.O. Box 19282, Austin, TX 78760. For more empowerment tools join mailing list and read books by Cathy Harris at